May 10, 2018

Ice Cream Heir, David Smith, CoolBrands International COO, Announces Frozen Happiness Initiative for Innovative Frozen Dessert Startups


David M. Smith, SGV founder and former CoolBrands executive, announced today the establishment of a new initiative to help guide and fund innovative startups focused on frozen desserts.

Ice Cream Heir David Smith, Founder of Smith Global Ventures and former Chief Operating Officer of classic ice cream brand company CoolBrands International, which produced the memorable Chipwich and Eskimo Pie, and who’s family owned famous New York ice cream brands such as Dolly Madison and Sedutto, has established a new initiative to help guide and fund innovative frozen dessert startups.

David M. Smith shared:

Re: His late father Richard E. Smith, co-CEO of CoolBrands International via Yahoo Wire
"What better way to honor my father, Richard, than to name this new initiative after the famous ice cream brand that he created.”

The purpose of the Frozen Happiness Initiative is to identify innovative new startups, focused on the ice cream and frozen dessert sector. Through Smith’s experience, The Frozen Happiness Initiative would help guide these new entities through the treacherous waters that many new businesses face, provide access to early stage capital, and help bring their innovative product to market at the appropriate time.

David shared via Business Wire
“The global ice cream industry is valued at approximately $55 billion in revenues, however frozen dessert innovation has been stagnant for decades and consumers have grown tired of the same products, flavors, and form factors, such as pints, half gallons, and novelties. I’m hoping, through the Frozen Happiness Initiative, we will see more excitement and innovation in this segment.”